Visit the REICHSTAG   30.8.1999  
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Reichstag - Westeingang
main entrance
Sonntagmorgen - 9.00 Uhr
early morning
Russian Grafitti I
Russian grafitti I
Russian Grafitti II
Russian grafitti II

Russian grafitti III
Plenarsaal I
the plenum I

Plenarsaal II
the plenum II

the dome I

Sitzungssaal I
meeting room I

the dome II

Sitzungssaal II
meeting room II

Plenarsaal III
the plenum III

Dome III
the dome III

on the roof  I

Tower I
on the roof  II
Tower II
on the roof  III
View over Tiergarten
view over Tiergarten
Chancellor's building
Dome IV
the dome IV
View over Pariser Platz
view over
the Pariser Platz
with the
Brandenburg Gate
Dome V
the dome V
Dome VI
the dome VI
Dome VII
the dome VII
Henning - Relax!
me, tired
the dome VIII
Dome IX
the dome IX
Reichstag - Ostportal   eastern entrance Brandenburger Tor
Brandenburg Gate
Reichstag - Westansicht
view from Tiergarten


Hey, do you remember the WRAPPING OF THE REICHSTAG in 1995?

Here is the video for you: